₦ 3500



original oem air filter, providing excellent filtration. other features- can be cleaned and used again. - high air flow with exceptional filtration. -last up to 75,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions.

Physical Features

  • Quantity- 1pc(s)
  • Color-N/A
  • Design- flexible
  • Material- Cotton Gauze
  • Product Fit- Direct fit
  • Item Grade- High Performance
  • Weight- 0
  • 1kg


Debo Ogedengbe
2022-03-03 10:50:52
I'm using a 75ah battery, but its lifespan is gradually going down. Can I replace it with this 100ah battery? My SUV is a Toyota Highlander V6 2003 edition. Thanks for your reply.
2022-03-09 13:43:01
Good day sir, i wouldn't advice you to go for 100Ah , its best you get a75AH original Korean battery, also get an electrical technician to check your alternator/ electrical system to ensure everything is working optimally, you can do that using a volt meter



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