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Multi-Purpose ATF is an automatic transmission fluid that has been created for electronically controlled transmissions. This product may be used in GM automatic transmission units that require the use of Dexron ®IIIH, Dexron® IIIG, Dexron® IIE, Dexron ®IIE, Dexron ®II, and Dexron® fluids; and is a qualified Ford Mercon ®ATF. Further, it meets the performance requirements for Allison Transmission Division (C-4), and major hydraulic pump manufacturers’ requirements for antiwear hydraulic fluids. Multi-Purpose ATF provides excellent friction stability, oxidation, anti-wear properties, and low-temperature fluidity desired for most automatic transmissions.

Physical Features

  • Quantity- 1 Pc(s)
  • Weight- 1kg
  • Material- Aerosol Container
  • Oil Type- Transmission Fluid/Steering Fluid
  • Type- Dexron III
  • Standards- Check Owners Manual for API Service and Viscosity Requirements


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